Medical Malpractice 

If the negligence of a medical professional resulted in your injuries or made your condition worse, you have the right to file a claim for compensation straight away.

The following are some examples of medical malpractice cases we have handled:

•          delayed diagnosis

•          erroneous diagnosis

•          surgery error

•          pharmaceutical error

•          failure to treat

•          incorrect post-treatment follow-up

•          defective medical equipment

•          failure to warn of risk

•          premature patient discharge

•          not looking into a patient’s medical history

An attorney from Dunfermline No Win No Fee Solicitor, who specialises in medical malpractice cases can help you file a claim and seek compensation. To learn more about your claim, call us at +44 1383665756 or fill out our form. Our compassionate and supportive attorneys will analyse your case and inform you of your options. We evaluate claims under a No Win No Fee premise, and our initial consultation is free of charge. You can submit a claim and pursue compensation with the assistance of a Dunfermline No Win No Fee Solicitor, attorney who focuses on medical malpractice claims.

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